Backup With usb external Hdd

I have a usb external hard disk. I want to connect it to nethserver and configure this hard disk to server backup. I want to run incremental backup on Friday only. Can someone help me?

Ehi Nirosh, glad to hear from you.
You can follow this:
and this section:

Thanks very much Alefattorini. I am going to purchase a USB HDD now. After that I will update you.
Have a good day.

watch that tutorial u can get basic knowledge about backup

Thank u

That’s really cool! :tv:

of cause that one is cool video. I installed nethserver 8.2 and interface is little bit different. But glad about reply me.

There is no 8.2 version (just 6.5 or 6.6) are you sure to have installed NethServer?

Neth Service 8.2
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this is what showing in firefox browser when i access it through server-manager

What is the command to view the version of OS installed in Nethservice

Hi Nirosh,

You talk about Nethservice not about NetServer!


yes. What is the diff between those

I think anybody from NS Team can explain better. :smile:


Ok. I am using Linux 2.6 Nethservice release 8.2. What that means?

Sorry but this isn’t the right place where ask support about NethService (Enteprise Nethesis product) you should contact directly Nethesis support
Have a nice day :wink: