Backup syntax for file restore

Hi everybody. I am a newbye to nethserver …
I am doing some test with backup.
Is it possible to restore a single file with the web gui? I can select only directories.
With the command line it works but this command restore-file /tmp "/var/lib/nethserver/ibay/archivio/test/test.txt"
create into tmp all the path, is there any way to restore only the file “test.txt” in the /tmp folder?
Ia looking at duplicity documentation, I supposed it is nethserver backup engine, but it seem to me it has a different sintax.

Hi @asavinok ,

Please read this link below:

Thanks, Nas I red it before install and configure backup data (also in Italian), but maybe I don’t understand. Thanks to it I was able to schedule data backup on a windows host share, and OK, it works.
I can restore folder via web interface, but I can’t select single file to restore, maybe it is not possible.
I can restore sigle file via console , but as I wrote I have to restore the full path, is it correct?

yes, for now it is limitation

IIRC, the server-manager restore panel shows only directories (the page will be slow otherwise).
The idea is that you usually need to restore whole dirs (a mail folder). If you need a single file, you could restore the whole dir in a different place and pick the files you need.

Thanks now it’s clear