Backup Solution like AFFA

I currently administer a number of SMESERVER installs and have worked everything out except how to have a similar backup routine to what I have now.

I have a main server at the office and this is backed up via AFFA from my server at HOME. I have the option to keep 1 yearly, 12 monthly, 4 weekly and 7 daily backups. This is very useful for disaster recovery - when the disaster occurred a long time ago and no-one noticed !!

From what I have read it would appear that I must have a complete backup on day 1 and incremental backups for a week and then have a full backup again the following week.

Is there any option to always have incremental backups and keep the as Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily etc…

If not a 1Tb backup every week is going to be impossible to organise over my broadband connection.

I hope that I have made my question clear.


Take a look at this:

And other discussions regarding urbackup

the main killer option of affa is the ‘rising’ feature : backup your server to another server and use this backup server to become your full server.

This option doesn’t exist here.

You can take a look to nethserver-backuppc too

I do something similar like described here:

I’m not satisfied, but it works. I’m experimenting with borg backup since some months and I like it.