Backup full strategy

NethServer Version: 7.3
Module: Backup


I set the incremental backup strategy. Full backup is mandatory set to one day of the week. Can not set the full backup every six months for example?


Duplicity supports such configuration, you can even have one full and infinite incremental backups.
But if something in the chain breaks, you will not be able to restore anything.

To summarize, I discourage such behavior, but you can achieve it by hacking on this script:

Ciao Giacomo,

thank you for the reply. My problem is that I have to back up large volumes, about 2 Tb. Copying once a week this amount becomes problematic. If you could make a complete one every six months it would be more manageable.


let’s say one incremental backup during the we will fail (few MB) and your backup is gone… is it worth?

Sorry Stefano, but I did not understand.
Making a backup of 2 Tb each week over lan (NFS storage) is a lot.
I would like to make a full backu every 6 months and keep incremental backups for 1 month.
It’s possible?


Hi @AndreLinux,

No, for a restore of an incremental backup, you need:

  • the last full backup
  • all other incremental backups since the last full backup

If one of the files in this chain is damaged, you have NO backup.

So in your case you have to keep your full and incr backups for 6 months to have 1 working backup.
What about full backup on weekend? Keeping backups for 1 month will give you 4 chances of working backups.

well… first of all be sure your environment is ok (cables ecc)
then be sure that your NFS server is well sized (cpu, RAM)
I backup every night about 900 GB of VM on a virtualized freenas with 8 GB ram: the backup takes 11 hours (from 18.30 to 05.30)
I’m quite sure you can backup 2TB in a we, starting from friday late evening

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so if I set incremental backup to 1 month I will also have 4 full backups on the NAS (2Tbx4, full and 15GbX30, incremental)?


well… having big amount of live data on live systems means having big backups and so an environment that can manage it.
AFAIK duplicity doesn’t support file deduplication while, for example, backuppc does…
it’s up to you to find the way to havign a good backup… NS is linux, you’ve to find the right tool for you, even if is something that isn’t native in NS ecosystem.

taken from

BackupPC Features

A clever pooling scheme minimizes disk storage and disk I/O. Identical files across multiple backups of the same or different PCs are stored only once resulting in substantial savings in disk storage and disk I/O.
One example of disk use: 95 latops with each full backup averaging 3.6GB each, and each incremental averaging about 0.3GB. Storing three weekly full backups and six incremental backups per laptop is around 1200GB of raw data, but because of pooling and compression only 150GB is needed.

Have a look at borgbackup.
restic seems to be a valid newcomer.
duplicacy if you want/need a commercial software

On my workstation I use this script which does an incremental backup every hour, it’s not elegant but it works for me:

I thank everyone for the clarifications and suggestions. I will do some tests and evaluate the best tool for backups.

thank you all