Backup data: missing options

As per request, taken the issue #5669 here for discussion.

After experiencing several backup errors, and digging through the comunity to hopefully get them fixed, a few suggestions to make life a bit easier: • add a button to test connection to backup host and read/write permissions. This will take out the issue one has to wait until the next scheduled backup has been initiated before finding out weather or not it was successful. • For filesystems where applicable: add a minimum version combo box. This will ensure that for instance smb servers that have been configured to use protocol 2.0 (or higher) [netgear nas can do so] will receive the backup without throwing an error.
The github original issue

Answering @gsanchietti

As a side note I would also highlight that both issues have already been addressed: • Cockpit already has a "test connection" button for backups
Using the current release, I don't see one, but I'll accept that might be in the next release. If cockpit is the web interface that is.
• CentOS 7.6 already negotiate the best Samba protocol when mounting CIFS resources
Be that as it may, the reason why it's proposed is to align configurations of both nethserver and backup destination as best as possible. In my case, for instance, I know perfectly well that my nas won't accept smb connections below smb version 2.1 because I set it that way, and just in case nethserver for some reason would decide to use a rong version...
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Just out of curiuosity I had a look at cockpit:

The ceckbutton exists and works.
Then decide which engine you like:


The main reason why I didn’t check cockpit yet, after looking through some topics "yum install cockpit
along with some other small modifications " (unless I’m missing something) is due to the fact the current web interface from a visually impaired point of view is really accessible, meaning i can get everything configured and so on. I’d hate to switch over to a WebUI resembling the one from the readynas os 6 series, because even though it might look fancy, it’s an accessibility nightmare. But, i’ll do some more reading in the mean time.
Rather than making a next reply, I’m editing this post to keep things neatly updated. I did try the cockpit aproach, and I already gave up after opening the services page. The fact focus kept returning to the tabs list, no matter how long I stayed on the page, makes it hard to get to grips with things. So, my point at the beginning of this topic still stands, and refers to the ns WebUI specifically.

See my reply on the other post: Backup-data fails with CIFS SMB2/SMB3