Backup Config Module - Beta - Final stage

It looks great! I am going to test it out in the coming days



Can I install “Backup Config Module” on Nethserver 7 Alpha 2?

I haven’t test it on NS7 Alpha, but you are more than welcome to try it.
Maybe @alefattorini or @davidep can make a package available for NS7

Any news (for NS 6.7 because NS 7 is still far away …)?

(When can we install Backup Config Module from NS Software center?)

Hi Gabriel,
Well I did not receive any feedback regarding the usage.

I Myself did not encounter any issues with the current version. So maybe it can be done as a package…

There are some thoughts abut securing the ajax more, but it is a side discussion.

I have thought about some methods to implement, but they are out of the scope of the backup module. You can say that they are valid for the whole ajax libraries.

PS: The module should work on NS 7 also without modifications.

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Hi Bogdan,

Thank you for your response.

I use NethServer in production as Email Server and I want to install this module as clean as possible, from Software Center to avoid any issues which can occur for any reasons (It’s hard to reinstall from scratch an email server with a lot of domains and a lot of users if something going wrong in case of some updates and so on …).

I have the same worries about Fail2Ban module by @stephdl. I want this module but from Software Center.

Some GOOD NEWS regarding those modules from @alefattorini, @davidep, @giacomo, @filippo_carletti and of course from @stephdl ?


We should move this discussion in the topic you have linked.

@Ctek sorry for the delay, I’m going to try it soon!

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I mentioned F2B here because it was related to my expectation for two very good modules.
Sorry about this.
Stephane already gave me the answer.


Sure don’t worry, I try just to keep the discussions clean :slight_smile:

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Question @Ctek concernant ajax does it used to get an upload widget/plugin in nethgui ?

@davidep i miss it

Hi Stephane,
I’m not sure what are you asking…
If you ask about a upload function, then yes I’ve added a upload function to the backup Config module.
(check the pictures from the posts above, in the top left corner of the image you can see the upload field)

For now there is no danger using the upload function, just that I always want to do a little more to be sure that it is ok.

Yes bogdan it is what I was asking for, an official upload widget :slight_smile:

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now the only thing is to test it and see if it works.
On my test server works ok. :slight_smile:

I will try it ASAP. I have had the worse bad week at work since really a long time :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to hear it… I have the same struggle for 2 months :frowning:
Its because of Q1 :slight_smile: when all things breaks loose, everybody tries to do all the things at once

Let me know if you have issues with the BCM.

looking to your MR I can see the amount of work :wink:

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I miss it too :smiley: We’ll need one at least to upload the server certificate…

I think I’ll start with the basic PHP/HTML features, as Bogdan did: $_FILES and <input type="file"...

I don’t know how much code it’s going to require. At least we could set up CSS under a Nethgui widget…

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I’d like to revive this topic, how can we close it? I don’t like to throw away all this effort

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If possible, I’d split @ctek’s pull request into two parts:

  1. changes required to the nethserver-backup-config package,
  2. user interface, to be packaged in a separate RPM for NethForge

Davide, what is the rationale behind the split ?
I mean, the UI needs some things from the way the BCM works

Basically you are splitting the package and removing all the functionality from the UI.
I guess that doing this you will only keep the multi archive creation and check.

And, If the UI will be in a different package, what will the reason be ? If you want to install the BCM you will need both of them .

I’m not sure that i follow the process why to be separated. Maybe you can give more details ?

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