Automatic Update notification

SOGo allows additional accounts, but I’m not sure our config supports it.

Anyway a forward to admin is always possible, don’t you think?

yes, I did no test this configuration…will do it

I will decrease it…maximum 60minutes.

IIRC the yum-cron package already installs a cron.daily script. Wouldn’t that be enough?

It is not the issue

# randomwait is used by yum to wait random time
# default is 60 so yum waits random time from 1 to 60 minutes
# the value must not be zero

a random time is started to avoid that your NS clusters do the update at the same time :slight_smile:

For ns6 it is 60 minutes by default, for NS7 it is 6*60 minutes -> 360 minutes.

the root recipient works well for ns6 :slight_smile:

for ns6

yum install

for ns7

yum install

You have several differences between ns6 and ns7, due to the yum-cron version. Some big changes has been done.

For both the default recipients is root now, the random starts is set to 60 minutes whatever the version, and this below is still right

By default, the notifications are sent and you download the updates. All notifications are sent to the root user. If you need it, you can direct the notifications on other email addresses, of course I can not do the settings of your smarthost, please verify in /var/log/maillog if you don’t receive the emails, why they are bounced.

Each day a cron job starts during the night (after a random sleep time) and looks after update.


This is a good point! Indeed cron.daily implements a random timing and is executed also if the system is switched off by anacron.

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great! thank you :clap:
installed on my two NS7, and also on armv7hl and aarch64


I love that Steph, thanks for this new :gem:

To avoid rejection I usually customize the sender address with something like root@real_email_domain
Some recipients check sender domain and refuse not resolvable or local domain

Yes it is customisable for ns7 but unfortunately not for ns6. If needed we can make a field for this settings…let’s people break this module

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Thanks a lot for that @stephdl . You are great!!

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What do you think about adding a “Configure” button under the “Software Center > Updates” tab, instead of creating a new main menu entry?

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What do you think about moving the “Add custom recipients” text-area under “Send notifications”?

Also the “Status” checkbox could be removed.

I’d prefer to arrange the fields like the following

(v) When updates are available

    [ ] Download updates
        [ ] Install updates automatically
        Update method
        [ default       |v]
    [ ] Send an email to the system administrator
        Add custom recipients


@davidep and @stephdl I like the way steph did it, because it’s clearly arranged in the menu. Easy to find. IMO to move it to softwarecenter/updates is a little bit to hide it.

IMO there is no need to move this area.

2 minor remarks:
I would rename the checkbox “Status” to “enable Service” or so, if I understood this checkbox correct and to clearify who gets the notificationmail I think it would be good to add “to root” so it shows “Send notification to root@domain.tld”. But this would be only minor cosmetic. The modul itself is great!

I’d prefer Davide’s proposal, with the emails tied to an expandable fieldset switch


I tried, but I missed something and my tab was not displayed,…Since I wanted to do a workable POC, I went to the code directly but I tend to agree and I will need probably your help. That said, even if I love to reuse an existing menu in the panel, I saw that the software center needs a really long time for the first usage to display the panel. I do not know for the other time, but I worry if you need to just have a quick access to modify something, to waste time, waiting the yum update.


I don’t understand why ? someone could want to stop the service

yes agreed

I would prefer to stick to the @davidep proposal : system administrator

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Because the actual Status value can be inferred from the state of either “Download updates” or “Send notifications”. No need to ask it to the user.

You’re right, it can be too slow for that task. Well I hope we can improve and speed it up before the ISO release: it would be a great enhancement to the Software Center page!

Yes it is valid for the ns7 version, then you launch the service which does nothing and it ends several seconds after. It is less clear (from my point of view) than a check box enable/disable service.

However for ns6 it is really different because you don’t have the same settings.

for ns6 you control with


it is the default start which means download and install

The ns7 version is really cool with many, many more settings

yes you could be right for ns7