Arm64 on Raspi 3 - Install question


for my understanding: it is possible to install arm64 on raspi 3 with following steps?

  1. create sd with standard cetos image armhf

  2. delete all exept /boot /lib/firmware and /lib/modules

  3. extract all from rootfs arm64 iso

If I’m wrong, is there an howto for installing Centos7 arm64 on Raspi3?

It’s ARM32, ARM64 has still “coming soon” status:

You may test the NethServer image:

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Hallo Markus,

thank you for the info …
so we have to wait for arm64 images…

Hi Denis,

As mater-of- fact I had an PI running on 64-bit by “pasting” a centos rootfs on a open-suse kernel booting on u-boot and grub. Clever stuff the suse-boys are doing. :grinning:

But another fact is i’m actually running 32 bit on a 64 bit odroud-c2 because it is faster :roll_eyes: - or to be more precise - have more headroom in memory.

Note running 64bit has it’s advantages if you are doing heavy calculations, shoveling data around it does not bring as much as much as you expect.

grtz mark