Anaconda fatal i/o error 11

I’m triying to install in an old dual core 1gb 80gbs ide and i’m getting
anaconda fatal i/o error 11. Amy ideas?

Check the memory for errors and say if the error exist in grafical install mode ?
With CTRL + ALT + Fn (where n is a number between 1 and 6) you get access to terminal windows during the installation. This allows you to run basic commands like ‘dmesg’ or ‘cat /tmp/*log’ to help diagnose what’s going wrong. Alternatively you may try the text-based installer if you’re low on RAM or require display drivers that don’t ship with the installer.

first of all:

  • is that a 64 bit MB/CPU?
  • I/O error looks like a disk issue… can you post here a little specs about mb and a screenshot of the issue?


Otherwise try to start CentOS standard install and try to access the console (ALT + F7 ?) and look for any debug message.

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Fixed that, added a external video card and passed, but now is hanging on
hardware detection. :frowning:

ok… but we can’t help you if you don’t answer our questions and help us to help you :slight_smile:

Its 64 bits, redhat 6 64 installed like a charm, i’ll try with centos 6.6

Nevermind, finally used another old machine, i’ll check later the one that
its not working.