"an update to the domain controller package is available"

NethServer Version: somewhere mid 7.3 to 7.4
Module: DC

On the Accounts provider page I have a yellow banner with the above message.
I haven’t been able to figure out what is going on.
It’s unlikely anyone is going to go to that page unless they’re having a problem, so I’m not sure how that banner is of any use, it should be on the dashboard page so an admin knows that something is up.
I see a blurb in the docs about “Upgrade the containter”, but there’s no background on what it is or why the container would need to be upgraded.

Can anyone point me to an explanation of what this is about and why it’s separate from the software center?
Does it need to be done before some package updates?
What is triggering this banner? Why is it being triggered?

Samba DC runs in a separate Linux container. It can be updated after a new release of nethserver-dc has been installed from Software center.

As discussed in another thread, starting from 7.4 the banner has been removed and the update is triggered automatically.

Could you point to the manual page to fix? How would you improve it?

Any suggestion is welcome, also a Pull Request on GitHub!

Samba DC 4.7.0 and automatic updates

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Ahhh… got it, wonder how long that’s been waiting.


If we’re going to automatically update going forward I guess it’s moot.

That thread you posted is the one I vaguely remembered and didn’t use the right search terms to find.

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