Already have a mess when CentOS update

Already have a mess when CentOS update, many people expressed this.
Now I like to do simple thing on the server and looks like again template not updated.
simple test
config setprop UploadMaxFilesize 1000
/sbin/e-smith/db dbfile setprop key prop1 val1 [prop2 val2] [prop3 val3] …
I’m getting tired with this soft.
If you are trying to pretend to pro like you are using CentoOS then try to be pro in your updates.
Thanks in advance

Missing parameter:

config setprop php UploadMaxFilesize 1000

Not check it if this is working but thanks for involvement.
What do you think -> they are doing meeting in conference way now but they are lost on the basis. In the same time soft can be great just who is managing this.
is this home build ( alefattorini) this guy is everywhere but he never provided any technical answer
This get me pest because the base I mean CentOS
Looks like this guys don’t have any experience in soft dev. Alfa->Beta> meaning
still like the idea but some glitches should be off

please install nethserver-phpsettings

or if you prefere something more complete

this modules are made to ease the php version and settings


This guy @alefattorini is our community leader, not a developer. His job is to make this community “alive”

What is the mess?

Please check it, we are all trying to help at our level.

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You’re right, you caught me
I can hide no longer :disappointed:


I found it a long time ago, you use a macbook, there is no dev on that platform