After some updates and reboot no internet access

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Module: network, dns

Hi all,
on a Hyper-V VM with two NICs, this is my first implementation of Nethserver…all was going pretty well…until last night I saw there were some application updates… I set it to update all…after that I no longer have access to the internet…I can ping the internal NIC from other PCs…but no internet access…
What can I do to start troubleshooting?

You may check if pinging a domain from Nethserver (ping works and if yes then try pinging a public IP (ping from a client workstation.

Do you see errors in the system logs?

If you use Web Filter/Proxy/special firewall settings, disable them to see if there’s an issue.


From Nethserver terminal I can ping outside but cannot ping anything from any LAN PC.

Absolutely no internet access to LAN PCs out of nothing… Did not change anything except for the updates that did not complete.

I could probably re-install the whole thing again I suppose…

In this case you may check the recent updates.