After installation virtualbox - access to webpanel

for try nethserver i have installed in into virtualbox
i want access in the web panel , how can i ?
maybe set the virtualbox’s network ?

Sorry for my newbie question.

yes, do a bridged network to your real NIC, read a bit of documentation on the bridged interface in virtualbox

just setup your VM with a bridged interface and do an unattended setup… your NS will be in your lan dhcp range

Or configure the network on the initial set-up to be in the correct range for your NAT interface, and then do a port forward from a host port > 1024 to the NS port 980.

But, I’m still working on how to do a true external/internal interface set-up in VirtualBox to do a proper red/green setup with internet access and local access.


You are talking here about a natted network…just for testing it is enough but it’s not a viable solution in a virtual environment.

Every virtualisation solution propose a bridged solution.

In case of a testing of red and green nic you must set the red on the bridged and the green on the internal network. Therefore if you want to set up a domain environment … All others virtual os must use the internal network. Doing like this and all your other virtual os will be under your neth

As i said it is not relative to virtualbox, you will have the same principle with all other virtualization solution.