Add Wake On Lan support

Hello everybody,
I often find myself out of the office for work and with the need to access my lab remotely.
Because I hate wasting current, I normally leave on only my mini-server with Nethserver installed and, via WOL l activate what I need at the moment (QNAP nas, another self-made NAS with FreeNAS, whitebox ESXi etc.).
This function is already implemented in Nethserver, simply give the command via SSH:

# ether-wake -i <interface_name (eth0, eth1, etc.)> 00:22:68:5E:34:06 (MAC Address of device you want to activate)

It would be very convenient, and probably easy to implement a WOL management page , maybe under “Administration”.
For example, the MAC address management could be made through the page of the DNS host via an optional field.

Also, I think that this feature could be useful in the management of network backup, for example managing a script that wakes up the target, backing up and at the end of the task switch-off the target.
Do you think it is possible to implement a similar function?
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Hi Roberto.
I can see a small package for this being very useful to NS.
But it has to be analysed and the best approach taken.
For example a list of currently configured static ip leases could appear and you select the desired host and click “Wake”

At the top of that list / or drop-down you can have a “user enter MAC address” field.
if you know the mac address of the device and it is not added to static leases in DHCP you can enter it manually.

@davidep what do you think ?


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Hi Bogdan,
glad to know that you like my idea :slight_smile:
The approach could be twofold: if I make a DHCP reservation (or static IP lease) I alread have a list of MAC address (that’s obvious, I need to bind an IP to a physical address in order to allow the reservation). But not everybody uses DHCP reservations, especially when you have few clients on a lan. Hence the idea of adding an optional field (optional as “non mandatory”) in the DNS host list. In this case the WOL management page could get the IP/MAC bindings from both DHCP reservations AND DNS hosts.
Another cool feature could be adding a sort of MAC autodiscover, given the IP address. Trivially a GUI for

# arp -a

That’s exactly how I imagine it! :smiley:


Nice idea but I’d like to know how many people are using WOL in their LAN, generally NAS, ESXI stay online and reachble all the time

:slight_smile: I use WOL to wake stations to do updates
Sometime the users are shutting down their WKS and can’t update them.

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I did it for the rebel force

ah, now it’s clear… ROTFL :smiley:

i´m using WOL too. A WOL management page would be great!

We use WoL on our projects, also. @paspo built already an interface to wake up/shutdown computers that has joined our infrastructure.

How is the WOL not supported?

Hi @ladvv and welcome to the NethServer community! I am glad you’ve found our forums and started asking questions.
NethServer is a community driven project so the correct answer to your question is: because nobody yet developed the module.
That might sound too simple as an answer but in essence it is what NethServer is all about and gets its power from: ideas from community members that need a feature and start working on it so the feature becomes available.
There is quite a simple procedure for new features and you started off with the first step by creating a feature request.
In the feature request we will discuss what would be necessary to accomplish the request and if there are multiple options.
The 2nd step is creating a new topic with a howto install the feature on NethServer.
The 3rd step is creating the module.

Maybe you can explain a bit what you would like to see in WOL support in NethServer. Maybe even a bit of background info on the feature, how Linux/CentOS/NethServer can support WOL and what networkcards support WOL.

Should there be some autodiscovery of Mac addresses available for WOL implementation? I don’t know if it is possible, but should there be some kind of “human readable translation” from macaddress to IP/device?

Looking forward to your response and cooperation in creating this feature.


To shame and regret, I do not speak English so well.

Everything was here

5 years ago.

The function is really needed, it’s a router.

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I moved the new feature request to this old(er) request. It looks like this feature is still greatly wanted.
Can we make an effort to investigate how to implement this?

We already did it here. Probably an official implementation though has to be much more integrated (e.g. inside the DHCP module, for example) as we also ‘hijacked’ the hosts db for our purposes there. Most of the code needed for the NethGUI is indeed in the repo.

And mostly, we miss the Cockpit interface part.


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