Add new VM "Harddrive" for Mail

NethServer Version: 7.6

sometimes its better 2 ask befor starting. I am installing a small Nethserver 7.6. as a VM on XCP-NG with AD and FreePbx running fine. Next step will be Mail. I will add a new Harddrive 4 the Mailstorage. I there a How to do. I like to use ext4. It is a VM so i can add more space later.

:slight_smile: thx

It would be very difficult, I think, to add a drive just for mail. To put all user home directories (which would include mail and probably little else) there would be relatively straightforward; you’d just mount the new drive at /var/lib/nethserver/home. In most cases, though, I think the preference would be to mount it at /var/lib/nethserver and store all the data there.

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Thx i will try 2 uses the extra space 4 /home