Add Multidrop to the Pop3 Connector

I have installed Nethserver and I am testing it. I will want to migrate some servers to it. Luckily most of my servers run Centos/Postfix/dovecot, and so am familiar with the core of its email packages. But I have also being running Fetchmail Multidrop. I would like to migrate to Getmail. So I would really want your assistance in configuring a Getmail Multidrop setup.

My current Fetchmail multidrop is as follows:

set postmaster ""
set no bouncemail
set daemon 300
set logfile = "/var/log/fetchmail.log"
poll proto pop3
no dns
envelope Delivered-To
user "*"
pass “pass”
**is ***

I noticed that the MDA_External in Nethserver’s Getmail is dovecot-lda. And I hope am correct in noticing that they are scanned for antivirus and AntiSpam.

I will appreciate your assistance in converting that fetchmail multidrop config into a Getmail multidrop one.


I’d ask you to take a quick test with a modified configuration, then, if it works, we will work on making the customization permanent.

  1. create a getmail account to access the multidrop mbox
  2. modify /var/lib/getmail/<your_account>.cfg adding
    envelope_recipient = delivered-to:1
    under [retiever].
  3. verify it works :slight_smile:

I have done as you suggested, and done some modifications,but want to test thoroughly. So in summary, as per your steps

  1. Created a getmail account to access multidrop - Here we will need to later ignore the “Deliver Messages To” in the cli config
  2. Modified the /var/lib/getmail/.cfg adding / substituting
  • envelope_recipient = mine is "envelope-to:1"
  • SimplePOP3Retriever with MultidropPOP3Retriever
  • arguments = ("-e","-d","") with ("-e","-d","%(recipient)")
  1. Verified that its working, Yes it is !!
  2. But I need to test test test !!! If my test is going to be included in Nethserver customization then I want to be 100% sure

So I will let you know.



I will update you once I verify that everything is bullet proof


After my testing, the above modifications worked well. So these are the settings that are working for my Multidrop, and I believe they will work for others as well. The main thing that may differ is the “envelope_recipient” type.

Below are my settings;

type = MultidropPOP3Retriever
server =
username =
password = mypass
envelope__recipient = envelope-to:1

type = MDA_external
path = /usr/libexec/dovecot/dovecot-lda
arguments = ("-e","-d","%(recipient)")
user = vmail
group = vmail

I have a few suggestions that you may wish to consider when creating a new Multidrop feature on Pop3 Connector Web GUI.

  • Maybe incorporate it under a add a new "Advanced" section within Pop3 Connector menu

Then one can select or modify the following;

  • Tick “MultiDrop Account
  • Tick “Envelope__recipient” checkbox, and then be able to insert the type of envelope (or you could even list all them with checkboxes for one to tick !)
  • The “Deliver messages to” Web Gui setting should be modifiable to allow the inserting of the character * (the name of my catchall alias account in my case), or any other term to specify that the destination “mailbox” is a catch-all email account.

This should trigger the following change…

  • Modify- “arguments” in the getmail.cfg (getmailrc) to change it to ("-e","-d","%(recipient)")

  • Add/modify log option to: message_log = /var/log/getmail.log

  • Bonus !! The Web Gui pop3 account “Disable” should be able to backup and retain these settings. My modifications for Multidrop were lost and reset back to the initial SimplePOP3Retriever settings when I backed up and then restored.

Thanks for your assistance.