AD unreachable, no secure connection

NethServer Version: NethServer 7.9.2009

Hello all,

This morning i cannot connect my Windows 10 pro to my Nethserver AD.
My session is open, i can ssh the nethserver or https to cockpit, but no access to any drives (gasp).

On windows side i have the message “your domain is not available”.

On Nethserver, I try to figure out a message in differents /var/log/…log files but i did not notice anything clear for me.
When i’m looking in Cockpit/user&groups/AD local i have a clear :

“STARTTLS Desactivé
Mot de passe Bind xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Base DN dc=ad,dc=maison,dc=lan
Bind DN ldapservice@AD.MAISON.LAN
URI du serveur LDAP ldaps://
IP Active Directory
Utilisateur DN dc=ad,dc=maison,dc=lan
Groupe DN dc=ad,dc=maison,dc=lan”

But when see at use there is a “No users had been created” “create one” and i have to restart NSDC to make then appear and i have the error :
“Oct 13 14:29:12 neth sssd: tkey query failed: GSSAPI error: Major = Unspecified GSS failure. Minor code may provide more information, Minor = Server not found in Kerberos database.”

Now i can connect my windows but i would like to understand why nsdc didn’t start and where i can log it.

Any idea ?

Does your Windows 10 have yesterday or today installed KB5006670? Windows 10 21H1.

Moreover i’ve read this…


Did you instructed your server to validate the certifcate for that domain?

  1. Nope, no 21H1.
  2. ? standard installation.

Last reboot of the server? Does it carries latest kernel? Should be…

#uname -r

I think you can find some info at messages log or samba log.