AD DNS on Nethserver

Hi Team,

First of all I would like to Thank you for the support that you gave to me. I am really appreciate all the Solutions that you provided and I learn a lot.

I have 2 Domain Controller running in our network ( and and the Nethserver will act as Router firewall ( I want the DCHP run in Nethserver but I want to use the DNS of our Domain Controller so that I could join computers to the domain. What do I need to do to resolve the DNS of DC to Nethserver? Thank you


You can modify the /etc/dnsmasq.conf and add the line below:


So in DHCP option DNS will be the ip’s of the DC controller.
If it will help you, we have to create the Custom template.
Please check the solution and let us know the results.

Sure I will do it and will let you know. Thank you so much

Hi @Nas,

I added code and it works however for the ip phone it is not working.
Our ip phone is plug and play to ethernet cable and if the device pick-up internet it should work.
The phone is able to pick-up ip address however the dns is and it is not working.
Any idea on this? Thank you.

Hi what is the IP phone manufacturer? Maybe it should be provisioned from sip server?

Ace Communication is the name of the IP Phone Provider this is already auto configured all we need is to plugin the phone to the ethernet port.

Check your log messages, can you see any DHCP request to NethServer?

@alefattori IPphones are able to pick up ip address from the Nethserver however no dial tone. But when I change the dns to (nethserver’s address) there is dialtone.

Looks an IP phone problem very likely related to the internet access

Hmm why do you need external dns in this case?

Also you could split dhcp in two subnets and gave for each subnet their own Dns.

I’m from phone sorry, you can also redirect queries on AD to your NS server as well.

How can i redirect ad AD to Nethserver?

You can make dns redirect on AD! Google the DNS features on Windows server.

Will do. Thank you