Active sync on ns 7 rc 1

hello folks,

did anyone get active sync working with sogo on ns7 rc 1 ?

which groupware (webtop/sogo) do you (plan) to use?

Great question. Until RC1 it was working for several of my sites using SOGo

the SOGo package is currently not in the best shape;
It’s not maintained by nethserver anymore, hence you find it in the NethForge repository.

I’m looking in to it and volunteered to get it up to date, thats going to take a while

So for full support go with webtop, to get SOGo active sync going:

SOGo is still available but since Inverse made the binary repositories for (payed) subscription users only, you have to either use another repository that has these binaries available, or create binaries ourselves.
IMO, both are less desirable:

  • 3rd party binaries are not controlled by us so a 100% guarantee that they are ok can’t be given
  • maintaining binaries ourselves takes a big effort by the community.

I see NethServer only go away from SOGo with these developments.

@mark_nl: If you are able to maintain the binaries, I will take a deep bow for you and raise my hat. It would be HUGE if this module gets a place in NethForge in an up-to-date state!

yes it is but not working optimal

True, nevertheless of topic[quote=“robb, post:5, topic:4744”]
you are able to maintain the binaries, I will take a deep bow for you and raise my hat. It would be HUGE if this module gets a place in NethForge in an up-to-date state!
I have them, struggling with versions of sope, they work really well :slight_smile:
(also on a rpi)

EDIT(2): sorry @robb :hushed: my frustration was talking, maintaining the SOGo binary’s is going to be very doable. Some minor details, as always those last 10% are difficult. Getting the Netserver-sogo app in shape is challenging for me, especially solid the apache configuration.


I am sure the NethServer devs @davidep @filippo_carletti @giacomo will give you some hints to get it done.


Thanks a lot for your answers and thoughts. If i get it right, it is a generell Problem then, right? Pity cause i like Sogo a lot and work with it for years now :frowning: Hope you all have a great Saturday

hey mark, have do it that way and it seems to work now, thanks a lot for your support.

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Probably Active Sync in Sogo doesn’t work because httpd is misconfigured.

Give me few some days, I will try to help Mark to ship a functional package. If you don’t see any news in a week or so, feel free to ping me :wink:


While you going to look at it, there none thing I can’t figure out:
After SOGo login I am always redirected to unsecured http://

Thanx in advance :heart_eyes:

Hi @giacomo and @mark_nl
you have any news for @hucky,

I saw in the developers section that several problems have been corrected
Nice work guys!! :wink:

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Well, there is an nethserver-sogo package for NS7 in the nethforge-testing repository;
and active sync is enabaled by default.

This weekend i’v time to test a bit more myself and all feedback is welcome; :slight_smile:
and (of course) do not test it in a production environment.


Good news!! :heart_eyes: I will try it too.
@hucky would like to try it and share your impressions?

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hey folks,
after i use the workarounds from the incredible Mark everything seems to work very well.
sometimes i got doubled emails in situations, but very rare. I use it with android, ios also
with outlook. at the moment everything seems to be fine.


Hi @hucky
Thanks for giving updated. :+1:
If you believe that the problem is resolved, mark “solved” the answer that helped you. it would help at all

buongiorno vincenzo,
i thought the workaround is just for helping the crowd in a situation right now. guess mark will give a shout if he put it in a general solution… but maybe i am wrong…