Active Directory Email Server

NethServer Version:
NethServer 7.9.2009

Module: SOGo, Email

Hi. I have a problem with my active directory and ldap nethserver.
When my Server 2012 r2 is down nethserver dont see the user. I’ts normal.
But i have installed a new server 2016 and it’s replicate the active directory.
but <when 2012 R2 is down, nethserver don’t see the user.
In the backoffice i can only write server02 (it’s the name of server 2012r2). is it possible to write another ldap server for the same active directory when the first is down ?

Thank’s for your help



Simple answer: No!

It’s not part of the concept of Nethserver.

Then again: your main server should NOT be going down for longer than a reboot…
Maybe it’s time to rethink concepts…

From your problem, without you saying one word, I can read that you have your servers installed directly on hardware - no virtualization… A lower availability is in the general 20+ year old concept of native installs you’re using, that seems OK for you?

Then this nice one: “a new server 2016” in 2022? A six year old, outdated server is “new”? Come on, Microsoft has since had 2019 server, now even Server 2022 is on the doorsteps…

My 2 cents