Acme-dns on Nethserver (now with RPM-y goodness!)

That doesn’t answer the question.

Edit: and after I wrote this, now there is. You need to fix your DNS records.

acme.domain needs the NS record; ns1.acme.domain needs an A record. Per the wiki:

the output is
curl: (6) Could not resolve host:; Unknown error

if i may understand. needs to only be NS, no cmane no A recrods

ie. ns pointing to and

let me sleep on it, maybe tomorrow it would resolve 100%

so today i run the command
curl -s -X POST

and there was no output. does it mean its fine now.

adding -v gives could not resolve erro

No, you should see output. It should look like this:

 dan@Dan-Hack-Mini  ~  curl -s -X POST

Your problem seems to be that your acme-dns server isn’t visible to most of the world, which sounds like a firewall issue.

now thats a firewall issue in Nethserver, that i have no idea to resolve

I don’t know if the firewall issue would be in Nethserver or upstream, but it certainly looks like there’s one there. When I try a ping from several locations (using Ping Test - Simultaneously Ping From 10 Global Locations | KeyCDN Tools), I’m seeing similar results, in that there’s no (or limited) response from most areas. See also for a test from more locations; from there, out of 13 locations tested, only one completed with 0% packet loss. All 12 of the others had at least 66% loss, and most had 100%.


this is what i am getting from Uptime-Kuma
that is while trying to monitor the site using http/s

yet visiting the domain with a browser works very fine

My previous tests were using your root domain, which I’ve found is hosted elsewhere, so they aren’t valid. But your acme-dns instance is now responding to DNS queries. Your API isn’t available on your public IP (I assume you have access set to green), so I can’t test that that part works, but the DNS server does seem to be working.

yes, i was able to get the response needed.

Now how do i change to red. i dont see that in the wiki

It’s not in the wiki because it’s assumed that you’d be familiar with basic database configuration commands, but it is documented on GitHub:

But do you need the API to be accessible outside the green network? Do you need hosts outside of your green network to be able to use your acme-dns instance? If not, there’s no reason to change it.

in the github repo, youve docmented the seetings but not the actual command to get it done.

In documentation some assumptions are not to be made, youd rather assume the party doe snot know. it will avoid questions like the one i just asked.

try not if you’re able to test the same