Account Provider Time Out - Cannot load User and Group page

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: DC
Hello @dev_team,
My nethserver seems to be having major issue in the Domain Controller area. I had a fresh install of Nethserver, configured as DC and created few users. Joined some workstations to the Domain and users could login. Out of the blue from last night i cannot load Users and Groups page, it always ending up with Account Provider time out error as shown in the screenshot.


I need to create some new users and cannot. How can i fix this issue?

Hi @wahmed did you manage to solve this issue?

In the meantime some updates to nethserver-dc were released. Did you install them?

Hi @davidep,
I actually gave up on configuring Nethserver as DC as I was very much time pressed to get a functional email server going. I think i tried close to a dozen fresh install but always ended up with errors. So I just went back to ClearOS for DC configuration and used nethserver as Email/Webtop. But they dont talk to each other so I actually create users twice.

But I am still intending to give it a go and stay at it till I can configure DC properly in Nethserver.