A script seem blocked after update


I’ve just update my NethServer instance…
After download all, I’got a little window Task is running with a bat status at 18% and the message "Delta rebuilding 33 M 00:02 "…
It’s blocked here, the progression bar don’t go ahead.

What can I do?

NethServer Version: 6.8

I’d wait a while… In the meantime you could watch the log tail!

I know that my Celeron 1610 is not a great performer, but more than 45 minutes now I’m waiting :grin:


I went to dinner… And It was ok when I returned… :slight_smile:


That solution works for many different problems :grin:

BTW: I’m planning to add a “tail -f /var/log/messages” under the progress bar…


Well, it’s not so easy, but a small enhancement is now available for ns7, at least for the nethserver-dc provisioning procedure. It’s going to be released soon!