A company file manager

Hi everybody, I’m new to nethserver, I’ve been using endian for a long time but I find nethserver more versatile (and it needs less resources!). I’m asking here your help for something different, maybe someone can help me. Here in my company I’m also looking for an open source appliance that allows us to make a virtual link to our share folders and create a sort of visual projects manager. I’ll try to explain:
For example my company is working to a new project called “X” and this project collects a large number of files including pdf, cads, mails, etc. but files are located in folders of different shares. So can I make a sort of database with a “X” record which points to all its files?. My goal is to maintain my shares in their location and not to move any file. Have you ever seen something like this?

Do you know product like this on the market? Can you provide some examples?

Nice to meet you, Matteo!
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Your insights about Endian would be really helpful