A bunch of new updates: 11/2015

We released a bunch of new updates, check it out!

  • New multi WAN implementation
  • New release of WebTop with support for Active Direcotry and data import from SOGo
  • Owncloud 7.0.11
  • DNSBL (DNS black list) for anti SPAM
  • POP3 scan now uses spamd
  • Multiple fixes for: PPPoE, sNAT, IP/MAC binding, squid, roundcube, amavis, DHCP, pulledpork, adagios
  • Updated language pack

Look! @davidep has done a great job on Shared Folders documentation! http://docs.nethserver.org/en/latest/shared_folder.html

New updates available:

New ntopng, doesn’t use an external instance of redis anymore. If you use redis ONLY for ntopng, you can safely clean the system after the upgrade:

service redis stop
yum remove nethserver-redis
rm -f /var/lib/redis/*

We are working a bunch of updated for the firewall part:

  • web interface for policy routing
  • web proxy bypass for CIDR and IP range objects
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I was looking my networks services ans see that redis-ntopng is not “green” anymore but “localhost”… Why?

Because it’s an instance dedicated to ntopng and must be accessible only from localhost.