[17 October] What are you working on this week?

For me, this week is about working on our new awesome project about our community (news in the coming days!) reaching out personally some great newcomer!

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Great picture!.. I not only like coffee… In the morning I depend on it… Lol

Well today I am very busy with community stuff. Preparing something to talk about tommorrow, for our communty hangout. Also writing on the nethserver certification course. When I started that project I couldn’t forsee how challenging this would be. But I am progressing, with the help of the education team. More news about progress: soon.


I’m working on some minor fixes for NS 7 and NS 6.

@alefattorini : I thought you were working on RC1 release announcement! :smiley:


@alefattorini are you ready?


That’s great! I love this project, please keep us in touch
BTW we should create this education team soon! :slight_smile:

Some of us are already talking on telegram. It is mostly in Spanish but fortunately telegram has this neat translate bot that translates almost any language to English. So technically I could write in Dutch, but Dutch seems to be rather difficult to translate especially for context, so I write in English.
Our friends from Venezuela are there! @apradoc @GG_jr and some more!


Saturday in Modena, a teacher has asked @davidep some info about courses based on NethServer, I thought of you

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It would be cool to have the NethServer course actively used by teachers.
I am not sure yet how the final certification track will look like. And this will be subject of discussion with all course developers and eventually the community too.
I don’t know what that specific teacher is looking for in a “course based on NethServer”?

I don’t know too maybe we can ask if @davidep has some info :slight_smile:

He’s going to evaluate NethServer to see if it is good for teaching Linux to high-school students.

I start to testing NS7 Community Edition to learn how it works, waiting for the release of the Enterprise Edition (you are warned :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I’m trying hard to set up a DC-AD/File server with NS 7RC1.
Unfortunately encountered some problems.
I just posted one of them.

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I plan to make the course extensive enough so it can be compared to RHCA
In the future this can be extended with a 2nd course to RHCE level.

I don’t know what lvl “high-school” is in Italy? I am willing to discuss this.
If the teacher has certain wishes or ideas, there is plenty of room to add that to the course.

Sure! I suggested him to join this community!

scuola superiore is the stage before university. Typical students age ranges between 14 and 19.