[13 March] What are you working on this week?

Last week I’ve been head down on reaching out many of our new members

This week I’m going to try and log out of all distractions and commit to a writing a new post that I’d like to get finished, and a newsletter on last NethServer updates is coming :slight_smile:

What are you guys working on?

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Sorry that was the fault today - wrong forum.

Therefore, I delete it again


Wow, where are you going with this thing?

Does it run Nethserver? :grin:

Last weekend it was such great weather so I spent all time in the garden. Still hurts at places where I didn’t know had muscles…
This week I will start testing the nethserver-savapage module that @giacomo started to build. Anyone that would like to help testing this amazing print management system, feel free to help testing and add to the effort. IMO it is the most complete, scalable and working opensource print management in the world. It can compete with several VERY costly commercial solutions.
The first rpm is available in nethforge-testing. It is still very basic and needs to run several manual interactions.
Will post back in a dedicated topic later…

Yeah, I guess @matce and @syntaxerrormmm might be very interested in this new toy

I’m preparing some materials for speeches and courses I will do in some weeks, not strictly related to NS. I will be involved in some events with Raspberries and other non-i386 machines, obviously with open-source in general. I don’t work directly for the NethServer Community, but I am always managing NethServer installations on a daily base, slowly migrating to 7.3 :wink:

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I’m preparing my Raspberry Pi for our class trip to London. It will create a Hotspot without internet connection so my class can connect to it and get information from an offline copy of Wikipedia, a dictionary, and a tourist guide of London. Things left to do: figuring out how to create subdomains on the Raspberry so that people connecting can access the urls directly without connecting to a main page (wikipedia.com instead of raspi.local/wikipedia) and setting up the databases and import the content.

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We need your knowledge for out @arm_team :+1:


Are you working all on Pi?? Sounds like a trend!

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I’m playing around to install and test zfs on NS7 (only to see what happens)…

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You use IIAB (Internet in a box)? http://internet-in-a-box.org/
This is a project pushed by www.unleashkids.org

Thanks @robb . That’s exactly what I was looking for. Now I have to add my own stuff and remove unnecessary things. I started everything from scratch but now things get speeded up. :smile:

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You might like this info: https://github.com/XSCE/xsce/wiki/IIAB-Installation#add-content It describes how to add/remove content from IIAB.

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